When you’re on the go, sometimes you don’t have enough time to get a fresh line up before you hop on a plane. So, you’re left with the option of getting a haircut when you land, where you don’t know any barbershops. Everyone knows that you have to stay loyal to your barber because he/she knows the ins and outs of your hair type and hair style. They always cut your hair to perfection every single time you go… but sometimes you don’t have a choice. Hopefully your barber doesn’t find out!

I don’t go to many barbers, especially random ones, unless I feel as if it’s an urgent situation. So we’ll only be covering my top 3 favourite barbershops in Mississauga, Los Angeles, and Miami.

There are plenty of other excellent barbers I’ve went to in places such as Vancouver, New York City and Las Vegas, but we’re only going over my go-tos and my favourites.

My Favourite Barbershop at Home

In my hometown of Mississauga, my go to place is Crystal Look Beauty & Hair Salon. Don’t let the name fool you, it is a wonderful barbershop in Mississauga. This happens to be my go-to because of the convenience of proximity to my house and the ease of service I receive. The barbers are knowledgeable and give a fresh line up on short notice. My favourite part is that they take walk-in customers and also take appointments. If I decide on a last minute haircut, I know that I can always get it cut at Crystal Look Beauty & Hair Salon in Mississauga.

My Favourite Barbershop in L.A.

When I’m Los Angeles, the place to go is Legends The Barbershop. You will never be disappointed here, as I feel it’s one of the top, if not the top, barbershops in Los Angeles. I like to call ahead and make my appointment before I go. They do fresh line ups and super clean fades. The barbers are extremely experienced and exceed all expectations. Maybe that’s why they’ve been in business for nearly 2 decades. Don’t forget to check their high rating of 4.6 stars in Google Reviews!

My Favourite Barbershop in Miami

When I’m in Miami, I like to get my cut from The Spot Barbershop. As the name clearly states, that’s the spot to be when trying to find a barbershop in Miami. They’ve always come clutch whenever I have needed them. They have 20 locations in Miami so it’s always easy to find one nearby. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, this isn’t any normal barbershop, I would even call it the crème de la crème of barbershops. I personally have my own preferred location when visiting The Spot Barbershop, and I implore you to try and find your own favourite location. You might even find it on the first try!